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This is a photo of Suz Sawtell, founder of Declutter & Breathe. She is sitting in her office and smiling


I'm Suz, founder of Declutter & Breathe.


For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about planning and organising. From a young age I loved to-do lists and systems! My mum taught me the value of  'a place for everything and everything in its place'! She ran a tight ship and still loves her house to look it's best. ​


When I became a Mum myself I truly realised the importance of being organised. Yet returning to work as a professional, in a high paced environment the wheels quickly came off. I felt like I couldn't catch a breath with the demands of my home, children and life! It was overwhelming! That's when I recognised that things had to change. I needed to declutter, put systems in pace and get organised. I needed to be able to create space to breathe, think and thrive!​


With over a decade of professional experience working with families, I've come to truly understand the challenges of family life. I know that each family and home is unique and I take absolute joy in entering the midst of chaos to bring calm, space and order. ​I bring expertise, compassion and a non-judgmental approach. I will act as your declutter coach, guiding you through the process and putting you back in control of your home. I believe that organising your home and putting systems in place that work for your lifestyle will create space for your mind to breathe and your life to flourish.  

Let’s Work Together

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