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Terms & Conditions 

A signed copy of these terms and conditions is required before any project / work is undertaken. If you have any questions regarding these please contact



In this agreement: a) ‘I’ and ‘my’ and ‘me’ refers to Suz Sawtell or Declutter & Breathe; b) ‘you’ and ‘your’ and ‘yours’ refers to the client who has signed this agreement; and c) ‘my services’ means the provision of our services for which you have engaged me.

Privacy and confidentiality

I recognise that the nature of the work provided by me is personal and requires a high level of trust; therefore you can expect confidentiality at all times, except to the extent disclosure may be required by law. Please see my separate Privacy Policy for further information.


Data protection

Your data will never be shared with any third party businesses, and will only be used in relation to the services you have contracted me for. Please see my separate Privacy Policy for further information.


Insurance and handling possessions

I carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Although every care will be taken whilst handling possessions during the session, you should ensure you have sufficient home insurance to cover for any loss or accidental damage that may occur when handling belongings. I will not be held liable for any accidental damage or loss howsoever caused.


Advice given in good faith

All advice is given in good faith, and all decisions made will be your responsibility. I cannot provide financial advice or valuation on any high-value items. If suggestions for third party services are provided, I am not liable for the services they provide.


Client presence

You are required to be present during all sessions and to assist with the project throughout each session. I am not responsible for other persons or pets inside of the premises.


Deposit and payment terms

To secure my services a non-refundable deposit of £50 is required within 48 hours of the booking email. This deposit will then be used as part-payment for the session if it goes ahead as planned.


You will receive an invoice after each session booked and payment can be made either in cash (if an in-person session) or by bank transfer within 3 days. I do not accept cheques.


I do not charge VAT or for travel costs within a 15-mile radius of Rayleigh (SS6). Travel outside this distance will be charged at 45p per mile and the cost will be added on to your invoice. Any parking costs incurred will also be added to the final invoice.


With your agreement I may supply storage items and use them to help organise your space. I will explain why I feel this would be beneficial and the purchase price of using the items in your home. The cost of any items supplied will be added to the invoice for that session. 


Interest at 8% is charged on any balance remaining unpaid 14 days after session completion.



Both I and you have the right to cancel a session due to unavoidable circumstances. If a session is cancelled by you less than 24 hours before the agreed date and time, I have the right to retain the booking deposit unless rebooked for another date, in which case the deposit will carry over.


Hours of work

For in-person sessions I generally work in slots of between 3 and 5 hours with 30-minute break for lunch but I will agree start and finish times to suit you. If a lunch break is taken, it will not be part of the chargeable hours.



Where a session takes place in person, I will require a space / permit to park vehicle for the time spent at your property. If any cost is associated with this, it will be added to your final invoice. Please advise me prior to the session if I require a permit or to pay for parking. 


Duty of care

You must inform me of any health and safety concerns at least 48 hours prior to our booked session. You have a duty of care to ensure that the premises are safe to complete any agreed work.


Cleaning and moving

I do not provide a full cleaning or removal service. Any large or heavy items that need removing may require a third party to help. If removal is required to carry out the session this should be discussed with me in advance. Light cleaning may be required as part of organising and decluttering process which I can assist with during the session.


Disposal of unwanted items

At the end of each session I can take away one bag of items that are in a suitable condition to be donated to a charity shop on your behalf. Any large items for council refuse / recycling centres must be done at your own discretion and by you.



From time to time I may share ‘before and after’ images across marketing and web platforms. Please confirm if you consent for me to take photos of work done in our sessions together:


“Before” photos:     Yes         No


“After” photos:     Yes         No


By circling “yes” you are agreeing that I can share these on my social media accounts, press releases and on my website.


Please note that any photos taken will ensure that you are not identifiable from them, and any personal details will not be visible.


You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing



Where possible I kindly request that pets should be kept out of working areas during the session. This is in order to ensure that we are able to work with momentum and focus on the task in hand. Please also note that I have a slight allergy to cats. Whilst this would not prevent me working in a property, I would ask that any cats are kept out of the room in which we are working. Please advise me if cats live at your property.



If any provisions of this agreement are unenforceable, such provisions shall be severed from this agreement and the remainder of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with English law and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this agreement.



I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions above:




Client Signature: ............................................................... Date: .................................

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